Read Our Terms of Service Carefully

Event Rental Rates and Fees
We sell time. We charge for all time out, including Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays. Items are rented by the day. One day's rent is up to a 24-hour period. Example -- If you rent items for a one-day period at 5 pm, then it is due for pickup by 5 pm the next day. Rentals picked up within a 24hr window will not receive credit for early return. Event rental pickups scheduled after 10 pm will incur an additional fee of $45.

Event Rentals - Reservations and Deposits
Please reserve party and event rentals in advance to ensure availability. Reserve your rentals as early as possible. Stars and Stripes Events LLC requires a 50% deposit on every order to make it a firm reservation. This deposit is collected so that we can fairly accommodate every customer. If you are undecided about your event, we will write a quote rather than a reservation. When your plans are firm, we will change the quote to a reservation. Your 50% deposit will be due at that time.
*If a reserved order is increased, an additional deposit will be required.

Payment and Charges
The balance due is collected upon delivery of rental items. We accept cash or Zelle. Replacement costs or repair charges will be assessed to you for any lost, broken, dirty, stolen, or damaged rental items. The client agrees to pay for such damage or loss.

Party and Event Rentals - Cancellations and Deposits
We realize things happen and that sometimes events cancel for a variety of reasons. We will refund your entire deposit if your order is canceled prior to 24 hours before the scheduled reservation. Once we are within the 24-hour window for delivery, the client will forfeit their deposit.

Delivery and Pick Up
Delivery and pickup service is required. Charges are based on the distance from our location to the delivery site. We will give an exact quote for delivery and pickup charges when an order is placed. We will contact the client the day prior to delivery to confirm all details of the order. If we are unable to reach the client for confirmation, we will not deliver, and the client will forfeit the deposit. All deliveries are "Tail Gate," meaning our delivery driver will pull up to the requested address or location and unload all event rentals near the truck. It is the client's responsibility to get the rental items where they need to go. i.e., inside a home or building, in the backyard, up any stairs, etc.

Party and Event Rentals - Set Up and Strike
Setup and strike (take down) services are available for a fee and must be arranged at least 24 hours prior to delivery. Per table $2.00 | Per linen $2.00 | Per plate charger $0.50 | Per centerpiece $4.00

Party and Event Rentals - Preparation for Pickup
All rental items must be cleaned and ready for pickup where they were dropped off. The client is responsible for the security and care of the equipment until it has been picked up. The rental items must be ready for pickup at the scheduled time.

Balloon Strike Fee
Balloons must be popped and cleared away from any rentals prior to pickup. If balloons are not popped and cleared when we arrive to pick up rentals, a $100.00 strike fee will be added.